Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of our most often asked questions...

What if I want to process my payroll on Saturday?

That's easy. Our B2B Payroll App has an easy online form. Simply complete the details like name and hours. The App will email you the details of Net Pay for each employee. It's automated and your email arrives immediately, you don't wait for a bookeeper. You go ahead and pay your employees the net amount advised in your email. The B2B team also receive the same email. Within two business days your dedicated bookkeeper will process your pay run, email payslips, lodge Single Touch Payroll with the ATO, and have your data ready for BAS and Super lodgements.

What if my staff are on holidays or sick?

The B2B Payroll App helps manage leave:
- Send your staff the link to the leave application form to complete online.
- The App will send you an email asking you to approve or decline the leave with one click.
- Your dedicated Bookkeeper also receives these notifications and records any approved leave.

Do you charge for phone and email advice?

Most clients ask the same questions. We have a large library of Handouts and Checklists. When a client's question that can be answered with a Handout, this is sent and no fee is charged. Our Advice fees are set:
- $ 77 for a phone consultation of up to 15 minutes and
- $ 308 for a 1 hr Zoom or in person advice consultation.

What if i forget that it is BAS time?

Once you become a BAS client, you never need to worry again about missed deadlines. You will receive an email by the 2nd of the month after the end of a BAS quarter, asking you for some information. Our system automatically creates a "Job" for your dedicated Bookkeeper and our supervisors, so we will never forget your work.

Do I pay extra fees for notifications?

No. Our notifications are produced automatically with 100% accuracy. No staff member performs a task to send the notifications. Our smart simple systems save you time and money. Our new client onboarding process has time allocated to you to ensure a smooth start at NO cost to you.

How much does each BAS cost?

Each BAS is prepared for a set fee per our fee schedule (eg company $297). That includes a file check, and we let you know if we find any issues, with a clear plan to correct and prevent the problem from persisting.

What if I forget to pay my staff super on time?

Our clients can opt for a free SMS reminder to pay Super. This is sent on 24th when the Super is due 28th. Where we prepare your Super Return, you will have a BPay slip. Late Super can incure a levy, so we want to avoid that!

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